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"The 6 week challenge changed my life & my body. After my 3rd child I was desperate to get a bit of ‘me’ back. I was going to the gym and not seeing results. I joined the challenge. Chrissy was fantastic. She made slight changes to my diet and gave plenty of hints and tips along the way. Being able to eat whilst providing ‘family meals’ for my family was a must. Adding a PT per week with Mick changed my shape and my mental health dramatically. What I learnt on the challenge has become my everyday life & I couldn’t be happier." ~ Jenna, 36
“I entered the 6-week challenge as a motivator to kick start my health and fitness after letting things slip a little too far after I stopped playing sport about 5yrs ago. I have always been into team sports so the variety and fun of the group classes works well for me. The dietary advice from Chrissy was also important as the focus was on improving what I was already eating and looking at portion sizes rather than trying to introduce lots of new fancy foods. I ended up losing about 9kgs during the challenge but I think the increased energy levels and knowing that the changes have been incorporated into my day-to-day life is what I am more happy about because if it’s not sustainable it won’t last. Thanks Mick, Corrine and Chrissy.” ~ Chad, 37
"I have done a lot of food and exercise programs both face to face and online. While I have been successful with them initially, the results don’t last long. The point of difference with Mick and Chrissy at Get Active is the sustainability of their approach. I have lost the weight and kept it off with the help of this program... I started at 85kg this time last year and now weigh 69kgs. They do not sell or pontificate glossy get fit quick schemes they rely on a consistent effort to achieve results by changing habits and mindsets. Their easy going and approachable culture they have built at Get Active means that you are not only supported by professionals but also the gym as a whole." ~ Row, 40